Surviving Your First Week Postpartum: What You Need!


When the time came closer for me to give birth to my first daughter, I had a major fear of what would happen WHILE giving birth. I had not given thought to what would happen to my body, especially my “lady parts,” in the days and weeks post birth.

During childbirth, whether you tear or not, your lady parts go through some major trauma. That trauma can last a few days or a couple of weeks. Because I did not consider all of this during pregnancy, you can imagine how ill prepared I was to handle the aches and pains those first few weeks.

Luckily, I’ve put together a list of advice and products for moms to be in order that they might be prepared more than I was with my first. Needless to say, I myself will be much more prepared for the arrival of daughter number 2!

Without keeping you on your toes any longer, enjoy this list of awesome products and advice!

The best pre labor advice I received:

Before I went into labor, I did ask my mom if she had any advice for me. She told me to ask my doctor if I would be able to get an enema in the hospital during labor. As it turned out, my hospital gave enemas as general practice when time allowed. I assumed this was needed so I would be less likely to have a bowel movement while pushing. In reality this is a great idea because the first postpartum bowel movement is not fun at all and I was thankful to get a few days break before needing to go. Counter pressure to the perineal area and warm/cool water may also help with the discomfort of the first bowel movement.

Products to help with postpartum aches and pains:

1: Perineal Cold Packs- Seriously, it is hard to feel like your lady bits got ran over by a truck when you have ice packs to keep you nice and numb! Every time the nurses brought me multiple packs, I would stash one away. I ended up using these non stop for an entire week. I did not know these existed until it was too late so I did not know to have any at home. When I ran out of my hospital stash, I sent my husband for ice packs but they just weren’t the same as the real thing!

2: Numbing Spray- I think this is pretty self explanatory. The hospital gave me some spray that helped so much! There are tons of options including more natural options to help!


3: Nursing pillow- While these are made for nursing, they are so nice to sit on during the first few days after labor. Sitting on a nice thick nursing pillow helps lift your unmentionables up off of less pleasant feeling surfaces!


4: Nipple cream/shield- If you are planning to breastfeed, I highly recommend having nipple cream and at least one nipple shield to help with the pain the first few days of nursing.


5: Tucks Pads- These things are AMAZING! I did not know anything about hemorrhoids until I was home from the hospital and found myself in a lot of pain! I started using these and my bum was back to its normal self in no time!

While I am sure there are many other products that can be used to help those first few days, these are the ones that helped me the most personally. I am hoping this will help some women be better prepared to go into labor and also help some poor men who do not really want to be running out to walgreens in search of these items (my poor husband was constantly out getting me ice packs and tucks)!

Are you a “been there, done that” mom with advice for first time moms on this subject? If so, please share your words of wisdom for our readers who are first time moms to be!

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  • Julie February 8, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    Great list! I never thought to sit on the boppy.. That would have helped. I used iodine and water to make a spray cleanser and then used a numbing spray. Those were life savers.