How Chiropractic Care Helped My Pregnancy

How Chiropractic Care Helped My Pregnancy


I was never one for alternative medicine until I found myself pregnant with my 2nd child less than a year after giving birth to my first! Having 2 children so close together can take a serious toll on the body. The combination of pregnancy, caring for a toddler, and being on my feet all day to teach was just too much for my body.

By the beginning of my 2nd trimester, I knew I needed some serious help. I was in pain 24/7 especially in my hips— an area fairly important when it comes to fetal positioning and childbirth.

I tried the easy way out with a prenatal massage— my first ever massage. Unfortunately the relief was short lived. I started looking in to other options and one option that continued to come up was spinal manipulation therapy (health insurance terms for seeing a chiropractor).

As I considered seeing a chiropractor, I began having flashbacks to memories of my dad being adjusted and me sitting outside the room while I listened to my dad try not to curse at the good doctor (he was a Pastor with a reputation to uphold after all). I pretty much set my mind on dealing with the pain when I remembered the pain my dad went through.

Then at 35 weeks along, my baby flipped to transverse then to breech. For anyone who has never been pregnant, this is not considered good news.

As the possibility of a C-section became closer, I started looking up ways to flip my baby. Sure enough chiropractic care came up again! As I began reading more and more about how adjustments could help with positioning and labor and delivery, I made up my mind for the final time. Monday morning at 8am I booked my first ever appointment to see a chiropractor for that very afternoon.

Once the doctor heard my complaints and took a look at me, it became very obvious that my hips were horribly out of alignment (don’t bend over or twist while holding your toddler if you are pregnant, fyi). While there is no way to be certain, this could easily explain why my daughter flipped out of the head down position. When the hips are not aligned properly, the head down position is simply not optimal.

The adjustment for my problem was actually very simple and my body kept each adjustment for a few days. If I felt hip pain I went back for another adjustment. After 5 adjustments, I received the news I was waiting for— my baby was head down!

I know there is no one way to completely prove that chiropractic care did the trick but because I know my body, I can confidently say that I believe it played a huge part in getting my daughter back in the correct position. I also believe having everything lined up correctly made my delivery and recovery go much more smoothly than with my first (the birth of my first daughter was hugely traumatic and a blog post about that event will be up when I am ready to revisit those times).

The best part? My chiropractor came to the hospital the day after delivery and adjusted both me and my baby!

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