Early Review: SMURFS: The Lost Village

On April 1st, my 3 year old daughter and myself were blessed with the opportunity to go to a showing of the newest Smurfs movie SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE a week before it would be released! I was a little nervous that this might turn out to be a huge blogger April fool’s prank but luckily it was very real!

My daughter and I were both excited when we arrived at the theatre and we were so ready for the movie to start. This was extra special for my daughter because this was her 2nd time to see a movie in the theatre! She did fairly well with her first movie so I was sure she would enjoy seeing Smurfs!

The basis of the movie is that the Smurfs we all grew up with learn of the existence of another village of Smurfs. The movie centers around a handful of the Smurfs setting out to find this lost village and warn them of the evil Gargamel.

Pros: This movie really speaks to the importance of teamwork as well as acceptance of ones self (something Smurfette really struggles with during the movie). The movie is action packed from the start which kept my toddler interested the ENTIRE time! There are also a few silly lines that are built in to entertain the parents watching along with their children.

Cons: Gargamel is a wizard so some parts were a little scary to my daughter. A few of the Smurfs sneak off after getting in trouble with Papa Smurf but this can open an excellent dialogue with kids.

Overall, my daughter and I both enjoyed the movie. I found it to be very cute and funny and my daughter is constantly asking to see it again!

SMURFS: The Lost Village opens in Theatres on Friday, April 7! To learn more and gain access to fun activities, be sure to visit http://www.smurfsmovie.com/ and don’t forget to find them on Facebook and Twitter!