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Let’s face it, parenting is hard enough without the judgement of family, friends and other moms! Everywhere you go is another invitation for unsolicited advice! I don’t care if you have 10 kids. Some days I just don’t give a hoot about the ins and outs of baby led weaning or cloth diapering! I just want to make it through the day with less than 3 new stains on my shirt and a child who is still alive and some what functioning (and bonus points if I can get in a shower and a home cooked meal).

Hi y’all! I’m Cassandra ( wife, mother, and special education teacher– incase you were wondering). I created this blog with the intent to show what I think the majority of mothers go through every day. We can’t all be June Clever (and seriously that’d be awfully draining)!

I hope a few mothers out there can read this blog and think, “Thank God! I’m not the only one whose made that mistake!” If nothing else, I’m happy to share my incites and give a few moms some much needed laughs!


As you probably have already figured out, my name is Cassandra. I am proud to say that I am adopted and the daughter of a female Air Force member and a Bible teacher.

Fresh out of highschool I worked at my first job as civillian support staff to the Air Force. Without going into way too many details, it was through this job that I met my (Army at the time) husband. This man has been the largest blessing in my life and I can say without doubt that I would not be where I am without him.


In 2013, I graduated from University with a degree in Special and Elementary Education. My intention was to continue on with a Master’s degree in business until I got that precious pink plus sign on a pregnancy test!

With a little one on the way, my husband and I knew we needed some life changes. He found a job in Texas and I followed him. So far this move has been everything we hoped and more.

We welcomed our beautiful daughter in October of 2013 and are looking forward to the arrival of our next daughter May of 2015!


To round out our family, we have a beautiful Siberian Husky who is a total pain in the neck be he loves us and we love the crud out of him!

first shots 001

I look forward to expanding this blog and hope to find other mothers who could use a “real” blog in their life. I am not here to tell you how to parent. I’m just here to share my stories and maybe a few baby and toddler deals I find a long the way!

Love and semi perfect hair days to you all!

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